Hell’s Rebels #63: The Hero

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party continues their assault on the Asmoden temple, looking for the infernal engines fueling the tyrant Barzillai Thrune and his guardians. The rogue-wrestler, Guts Clobber, continues their tale. (-GM)

17th of Rova, 4715 AR

Our story begins on the ground… Or rather on a balcony. We just finished our previous fight against the cult of Asmodeus, where over twenty men lay slain at our feet. They would use their will and force others to do their bidding, so they had it coming… Although this endeavor is against a group of hellhounds. The handwraps around my fists tell me so, and purge spirits deemed unworthy (1d6 good damage vs evil aligned). But for now, we can take a breather. From our previous endeavors, we learned that using traditional medicinal techniques takes too long, so we instead brought a magical bag full of potions. Easier to drink a potion than…

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Steam Deck Announces Top 10 Games Played in October

There’s no doubt that the Steam Deck will be one of the most highly sought-after presents of this holiday season.

Recently on Twitter, Steam Deck released the top ten releases of October.

Notable Games include:

Vampire Hunters, who graduated from Early Access.

Mow down thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you.

Vampire Survivors – via Steam.

The release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on Steam.

Play as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in…

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Retro Arcadia Weekly Spotlight #56

Retro Arcadia

Time for our regular quick-fire reviews and impressions of what’s been under the spotlight at Retro Arcadia this week, old and new and a bit of both…

We begin with a bit of both, and the new Winters Expansion DLC for last year’s Retro Arcadia game of the year, Resident Evil Village. I’ve only had a quick go on the new third-person view for the main game so far, but the Shadows of Rose story content was the main reason for getting this. It’s the main game’s protagonist’s almost grown-up daughter back to close her family’s arc in a warped take on some familiar sights. Really nice bit of Resident Evil too, more supernatural than last time out and an enjoyable bit of a stretch as a result, but most of all being back in Castle Dimetrescu and its surrounds just felt like coming home. Not sure…

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Games Leaving PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium in November 2022

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store to reflect the games that are leaving the library later this month. Below are the six games confirmed to be removed from the service on November 15.

November 15

  • GreedFall – Standard Edition (Extra/Premium)
  • Mafia – Definitive Edition (Premium)
  • Mafia II – Definitive Edition (Premium)
  • Mafia III – Definitive Edition (Premium)
  • Ride 4 (Extra/Premium)
  • MXGP 2021 (Extra/Premium)

In addition, on February 21, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition will be unavailable for those with the Extra or Premium subscription plans.

In late October, Sony removed the “Leaving Soon” category on the PlayStation Plus application, making it much harder for users to see which games would be expiring from the service.

Currently, the only way to see when a game could potentially be removed from PlayStation Plus is to go to that game’s individual listing; if there is an expiration date, it…

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Why I Came Back To PlayStation After Almost Two Decades Away

Growing up, my grandmother was the yard sale queen. She would be out hunting before I even thought of getting out of bed and finding unique treasures and deals. Thanks to her skills, my brother and I got the two consoles that we really started to game on.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the PlayStation (the OG one) that she found. It came with a handful of games, and honestly, except for three, I can’t tell you what they were. But I can tell you those three.

The original Spyro trilogy. My brother and I wore those discs out. His favorite was the Year of the Dragon, and mine was Ripto’s Rage. My apologies to the original, but I rarely played it.

While I’m a “playing for the fun of it” kind of gamer, my brother is a completionist. I can’t even begin…

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Dice Men

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

The book telling the story of the early days of Games Workshop arrived a couple of days back and I’ve been slowly reading it over the past couple of nights. Just wanted to give it a big thumbs up and suggest that anyone interested in the D&D-era of GW will probably enjoy it!

The style is light and very readable, in that nice flowing style which Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are renowned for writing. It’s organised by topics and deals with the chronology in a topic-by-topic format through the 1970s and 1980s hobby scene. Lots of illustrations and photos from the products and events spoken about.

I enjoyed learning about how GW acquired the license to distribute D&D in Europe/UK, as well as the story of Games Day’s and Dragonmeet’s creation. As the ex-Games Day Manager from 1998-2001, I enjoyed the event photos and mentions of many old colleagues…

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Vund Home

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Vund Home
Vund Home (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

The small stone tower topped with crenellated battlements sets Vund Home apart from most of the buildings in the neighbourhood. While stonework isn’t that unusual, actual fortifications stand out a bit. The sorcerer Heltos Vund owns the property and his mysterious but very knowledgeable wife, the Lady Vund, occasionally hosts inquiries from sages and adventurers in the courtyard (although she sits on the raised porch at the south end of the garden for these meetings).

Vund Home
Vund Home (1200 dpi)

The small grounds around the structure are sufficiently well maintained by a gardener, and night soil is removed in the late hours of the night from outside the south side of the tower and wooden structure. For actual guests of the Vunds, there is a grand lounge, large dining area, and conservatory – but no guests are ever invited to stay the night…

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My 6e Wishlist – Monster Manual and Combat

The Nerdd

When they announced One D&D, the next edition that is beyond editions, I was skeptical. I started calling it 5.5e, because it was supposed to be “backward compatible.” However, now seeing the playtests, and the directions they are wanting it to go, it already does not seem to be backwards compatible, because of the different bonuses from races, backgrounds, how abilities work, etc. In that case, let’s just make the game the Sixth Edition, and be willing to change more.

This is the final article, the Monster Manual, find the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide for more.


There should be a given way to modify monsters for your game. There are a few moments where there is a variant of the monster, and so you can look and figure out how to turn other monsters in that way, but I wish it was more standard.

One place…

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Top 10 Pets in Gaming

The Game Campaign

Life can get a little lonely at times. What’s a person to do if they live far from friends and family and their landlord forbids pets? Well, move but until then, video games offer plenty of virtual furry (and not so furry) friends to support your every emotional need.

These best pals will never let you down whether you are saving an entire kingdom, need inspiration for a scientific breakthrough, or simply want to pretend to have that Shiba Inu that your landlord said would be in violation of your lease. With that, let’s look at the first best boi on this list.

Dead to Rights: Retribution

10. Shadow – Dead to Rights Series

There are few dogs as loyal to their master as Shadow in Dead to Rights. Found as a puppy chained up in an alley by Jack’s father, Shadow was initially trained to join the police force.

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