The Ascetic Guardian

The Order of Syncletica

My posts have been filled with pleasant diversion from the blog’s focus.


Shortsword wielding ninjas.

Even Bard Swashbucklers.

Whatever happened to good ol’ fisticuffs?

Well, rejoice, Dear Heart, as now we return to those thrilling days of not-so-yesteryear of the thrice-new adventures of Lynncletica, the Little Mountain.

More sword than shield, Lynn's defenses will increase. But her attire befits that of a hermit until she is truly worthy to be a guardian. More shield than sword, Lynn’s defenses will increase. But her attire befits that of a hermit until she is truly worthy to be a guardian.

With a third life, Lynn is not so little. Her larger physique granted by the third reincarnation makes her appear Amazonian, compared to others about the dojo.

Lynncletica returns as a Shintao Monk once more, leaving the role of the dojo’s Epic leader to Szyncletica for now. This time, Lynn is able to take full advantage of the Shintao training, which favors the Earth Stance for defense and power.

Of course, Lynn can never keep up…

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A (not so) cute Completion

Gaming With Kobay


“So a group of Adventurers walk into a bar… again”

This last Wednesday, I had the opportunity and pleasure of running Acute Delirium with Jerry (Cordovan), our DDO Community Specialist, in DDO’s live twitch stream on Ghallanda. It was fun, albeit very painful. I forgot how annoying that quest can be if you’re just not ready for it. Luckily, we did have a level 28 cleric, Budstein with us, who kept us alive throughout! Thanks Budstein! However, it was still a rough ride and I think the only person with more deaths than me was Jerry. Poor guy. By the end of it, all his equipment had been broken or nearly broken. Thank goodness for Paladin’s equipment saving enhancement that I happened to have just to work up toward my divine might enhancement.

I didn’t find the Monsters in that quest all that tough, specially when I was able to…

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Q&A: Cannith; New Player event on Thelanis

DDO: Players Helping Players

Our next question-and-answer session is scheduled for Cannith on Saturday, September 13, at 9 pm Eastern time. Tirae will be in sunny side Korthos to field your questions. If you can’t see her, look down – she’s a halfling!

Also, MuleAxe of Ravenguard Press is holding a New Player Outreach Event on Thelanis on Friday, September 12, at 9 pm Eastern time. You can read more about the Raven’s Guard event here. MuleAxe has some nice items to give away!

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The Quest Missing Is An Interesting Challenge

Erdrique's Blog

Some of the more interesting quests in the game include those that deal with the plane of Xoriat, better known as the Realm of Madness.  The Harbinger of Madness quest chain contains a series of quests that are based around the creatures of Xoriat, primarily the mindflayer, Yaulthoon.  The first quest in this series is called Missing.  The whole quest chain starts off as an investigation from the Stomreach Chronicle reporters (chain is handed out by Tessa Aster who is positioned in the Harbor close to the Harbor and Marketplace gate) who have started to look into these strange and disturbing occurrences occurring in and around the Stormreach Harbor.  The first quest is about looking into the strange disappearances of people in the Saltire District.  The quest giver for Missing is Godwick Spurge, who is located in the lower portion of the Harbor not far from the…

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Even Now


Sometimes I really need to have a little faith.

The other night, I asked Slvr, “Do I want to work on sagas with Even, or take Dissy into Thunderholme and get her killed?”

Slvr generally knows what I want better than I do, so when he told me to take Dissy to Thunderholme, I logged her in (although I lamented to him on AIM, “But she’s gonna DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!”, to which he replied, “I have faith in her!”).

I wasn’t optimistic – my level 26 gimpish first-life Drow bard, alone in a level 29 wilderness? Well, not QUITE alone; she grabbed the level 24 rogue hire because I didn’t know how hard the traps would hit her, and she ended up bringing her owlbear as well to keep aggro off the rogue while he disabled.

Dissy’s intentionally built more as a support toon than as a soloer. She has yet to…

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Lordy, lordy, D&D is 40. Happy B-Day dude!

The Long Shot

Despite one of my goals with The Long Shot to maintain an open-ended topical blog, there is one element that either slips in tangentially or outright kicks in the door, and that’s


i’ve waxed nostalgic about being introduced to D&D by my brother (also the keeper of the comic book milk crates of my adolescence). Scoffed with incredulity at my first dungeon delve circa third grade wherein the Dungeon Master – a friend and classmate – had a white dragon spring out of a treasure chest. Braved a green dragon and bested a lich as a bard equipped only with a magical cloak and a violin. Plodded through AD&D 2E class creation to hash out a whip master (the co-creator of which is currently self-employed…as a whip master). Made the pilgrimage to Gen Con and, for the last 8 years now, held a foothold in what is the definitive D&D video…

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The Questing During the Week, September 8th to 11th

Erdrique's Blog

During this week’s worth of questing I ran three different epic level characters, my true reincarnated characters, and a few others through DDO and even a little bit in Neverwinter Nights II.  My questing started with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) on Monday morning.  I took Kolll out into the King’s Forest for my regular morning slayer run.  That afternoon, after I got back home from work, I took Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) into the ever challenging quest Missing, which I described in depth here, on elite and was quite pleased with his performance in there.  Although my hirelings and my pet wolf, Fang, suffered a few deaths, I did not.  After that run, I logged out to make dinner and to prepare for our nightly digital D&D table top game.  But I did long in later that night, while still playing our digital D&D table top game…

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Players Helping Players launches

Even Now

Players Helping Players

As promised, Players Helping Players is now up and running! It’s still in its infancy, but I have big plans for it.

Friday night I happened to be on Thelanis at the same time as Dean from DDO University. He’d seen my earlier post about getting Players Helping Players started and very kindly offered any help I needed, including the use of his content. He also has guilds and teaching characters on every server.

As part of Players Helping Players, I’ve been debating adding a forum to OurDDO – not to compete in any way with the official DDO forum, but to provide an alternative source to get help. Unlike Turbine, I don’t have to deal with the issue of offending paying customers, because I don’t have any. So I’ll have much more freedom to edit or delete posts that troll, grief, or bully, and to sanction users who…

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The Insane Tourist’s Guide to the Storm Horns

The Order of Syncletica

ScreenShot00930Continuing our guides to extreme DDO tourism to such destinations as the Subterrane and the Underdark, we turn our attention to what might be the most breathtaking place you’ll likely encounter in your travels to-date.

The Storm Horns is a massive mountain range on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Cormyr. Reminiscent of the American Northwest, this wilderness area is arguably MUCH larger than the King’s Forest, outside Eveningstar.

And if the greenery of the King’s Forest wasn’t enough, you are able to take in true vistas from the ridges of the mountain. You’ll literally make a climb up the mountain, with the climate changing as often as the denizens who, predictably enough, aren’t that fond of sightseers and will not offer much hospitality.

Occupying the mountain are the Netherese, descendents of some of the nastiest spell casters that ever lived, and who tire of not having a legacy of blowing…

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