Originally posted on The Order of Syncletica:
I I’ve been quite successful in playing and developing my three Light Monks. Syncletica was the first, a Wind Stancer. Lynncletica showed the power of Mountain Stance. Quintessica showed both of them off by becoming an Avatar, a master of all four heroic…

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The toon I hate to love

Originally posted on Even Now:
A few years back, faced with ever-dwindling inventory space because I’m the DDO equivalent of a hoarder, I rolled myself up a bank/haggle toon to hold some of the stuff I didn’t have room for anywhere else. I named her Getting Even More (get it?).…

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Cerge TR 5

Originally posted on Micki's Delirium:
Finally I get around to writing this blog. I’t s been a full week, and I haven’t had a whole lot of extra time or energy. Monday I logged on to ddo a bit late, and posted for Mark of Death.. Cerge needed 3…

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