Full Moon Fury

Part of Speech:  Noun

Pronunciation:  Aahm-gwih-TYE-tiss

Definition:  The state of mental and/or emotional inflammation caused by loading up a long-unused character and immediately seeing the loads of egregious mistakes made in the build.  Often results in the exclamation, “Oh my God, what was I THINKING?”


Last night, I decided Bholgrin needed some new punch.  Literally – his wraps had been showing their age for quite some time.  While I could have made him some Thunder-Forged wraps, they aren’t his primary weapons, and I already have my Thunderholme resources planned for other projects.  So I turned my attention to a similarly-named set that I’d laid my hands on with other monks:  Thunder and Lightning, available to Bholgrin in half a level.  

I knew my original Shintao Monk, Khail Ironfist (yes, a dwarf), had a set of the level 26 version linked above in his bank that hadn’t…

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All Sorts of Newness

Full Moon Fury

Drama on the IRL server continues, but at least in-game, things have been wonderful this past week.

Firstly, Gorruk my fighter – and one of the last two remaining classes for my “take every class to 20 on a first-lifer” challenge – broke his way into Epics!  Woot!  I was afraid it was going to be a lot more of a grind than it turned out to be, mostly due to using the same techniques I do on multi-lifers (and I see nearly every veteran do, as well), which is skipping taking level 19 entirely.  If you’re not absolutely desperate for the slight power jump 19 brings you, stay away from it unless you’re mere points from twenty.  The vast array of level 16 content which you can run or re-run at 18 with no penalty provides a much, much larger pool than is available at 19.  But I digress.

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Long weekend, and more experiments

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

The concept of a fighter pally is certainly not new and I’m sure it’s not new combining a Purple Knight fighter and Pally, but that’s what I did and also combining it with some vanguard for those delicious procs and shield bashing.

This was obviously done to take advantage of the purple Knights ability to use Charisma instead of strength and to take advantage of the Pally enhancement cleaves instead of the feats. Early equipment was the level 15 (normal) Wall of Wood and the bastard sword from Shadowfell, later to be replaced with the bastard sword from Web of Chaos. I also made a Heavy Black dragon armor that adds a little armor piercing and some other goodies, a much better armor then the purple knight starting armor.

There are of course a host of other good armor, but this struck me as the easiest for me to get…

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Thaz eTR 3

Micki's Delirium

I was going through sagas on Thaz and gaining xp faster than I wanted… I capped way before I was done with the sagas… or sort of. I had run the 3 Eveningstar chains (CitW flagging ones), Druid’s chain, The High Road, Gianthold, Web of Chaos… and Wheloon. EE of course. I was only missing Storms Horns. I do, though, prefer to run chains all in one go.. and I still consider Storms Horns to be the most difficult chain included in the sagas, so I kept feeling like there wasn’t enough time, like I didn’t have the patience to wait for a group, and that I had other things I needed to do. Finally last night I managed to get Storms Horns finished as well, and then I did Thaz’s 3rd eTR. 3rd stack of Power Over Life and Death. As a divine healer caster, I felt like that…

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Purple Haze

The Order of Syncletica


Purple haze, all in my brain
Lately things they don’t seem the same
Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
Excuse me while I kiss this guy

(Well, I think that’s how it goes.)

Poison is a highly underestimated attack. I don’t know of others that talk much about it.

The reborn Ryncletica knows better. At level 11, she’s still using two of the level 4 Tiefling Assassin’s Blade to mow down enemies that are three times the weapon’s level–and shows no sign of stopping.

I recently posted Ryncletica’s build in greater detail as a favor. While doing that I learned about the Primal Avatar’s Epic Moment and a lesser ability that also has Poison damage with a stacking effect similar to Ninja Poison. However–it might not work if my attacks aren’t still piercing or slashing.

I’m so looking forward to returning to Epic play. But for now I…

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Trying to get the hang of playing a monk…

Erdrique's Blog

In the game of DDO (at least as it stands today), I think perhaps the most complicated class to play is the monk.  Yesterday, I tried to continue my exploration of this class with my level 10 light monk, Lorrikk.

Lorrikk exploring the Lightfoot Residence photo LorrikkexploringtheLightfootResidence_zpsfd78ebe4.jpg

The reason I think monks are so complicated to play is because they have so many different types of attacks, abilities, and requirements.  Monks are primarily melee combatants, however unlike the other melee classes, they have a Ki pool which accumulates and builds up when striking enemy mobs.  Monks can then use their Ki to do special attacks that can do various forms of elemental damage and then they can use their Ki to conduct “finishing moves” which are available once a series of special attacks have been completed.  The “finishing moves” can either grant buffs to the monk and his fellow party members or they can…

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Penultimate Gimphood

Full Moon Fury

A while back, I challenged myself to make the most horribly, atrociously gimped-out character possible within the game.  I think I did pretty well, but it wasn’t perfectly gimped.  It needed refining.  (De-fining?)

I say that because at the time, I chose Spell Focus:  Abjuration to eat up one of the granted feat slots, thinking it was an exclusively defensive school (Stoneskin, Angelskin, Protection from Elephants, etc.).  It has, however, come to my attention that there are potential uses for an abjuration focus item, most notably the following spells:

  •         Banishment
  •         Dismissal
  •         Glyph of Warding
  •         Greater Glyph of Warding

So that’s four spells that have DC-based saves against them, which could make Abjuration Focus useful, but only situationally.  Then, in my ongoing efforts to further gimp-ify my super-gimp build, I stumbled across the most useless feat in DDO.

Spell Focus:  Divination.

The feat adds a +1 to the DC of…

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Last Life for Completionist

grimordes blog

On Saturday, a week later than I’d intended, Hymm finally hit 28. I’d hoped to get there the previous weekend but work & social life got in the way, and in the last week I’ve only played for the odd hour or so.

Regardless – he hit cap on Saturday and I immediately switched to other characters that I need to cap so I wasn’t wasting XP. I could have stayed with him for the Heart Seed rewards, I suppose, but the XP was more important.

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Off the MoD train wreck and back into ER

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

My sorc hit is 20th run, took the necklace and moved on. I even re-specced as a fire savant since so much of the Necro gear boosts fire. And it was a dud. Not a giant dud, but dud nonetheless. Somehow I’ve just gotten used to acid and the fact that acid works in almost all cases, plus trying to break evocation DR is a pain (not that conjuration is a walk int the park either). So I ER’d, found a bunch of good stuff and made the docent of the diabolist. Not a bad armor if you ask me.

The downside is that I’m about tapped out on slayer and meaningful explorer in most wilderness. And without options for streak that bonus XP ain’t happening. I might just have to TR to reset that and I’m half tempted to just do a Wiz or two and drop back into…

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The Poison Master In-Depth

The Order of Syncletica

dnd-lego I know building is not always this easy. I wish it were.

Normally, I’m not much into describing build data. I’m bad and lazy at it. I also think it takes away from the organics and serendipity of designing a character.

Nothing at all against RJ Cyberware’s excellent Character Planner, but I haven’t used it for some time.

I tried using the latest version to partially assist me, I realized it wasn’t updated yet for Update 23 and the Harper tree. (I’m aware that Ron has passed the torch to a co-developer.)

But a kind person PM’ed me to detail what I’m doing with Ryncletica by specifics as I train her to be a master poisoner.

So, here goes.

Drow 32-point build, third life. Base stats:

STR: 10, DEX: 17, CON: 12 , INT: 10 , WIS: 18, CHA: 10

The high WIS is to ensure strong DCs to use…

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