Speed boost vs Damage boost

Measurement Guild

It can be difficult to figure out what is better when you have to choose between 30% more damage or 30% faster damage, what will give the most damage output?
Let’s compare.

When using melee at an attack speed of 1,5 attacks per second and a weapon that deals 1d6 +5  damage, we will have some random damage and some set damage, but the output in 10 seconds will always be between 90 and 165 damage before adding anything else.

Let’s add 30% more damage output, this is simply 90 x 1,3 = 117 and 165 x 1,3 = 214,5
Now let’s add 30% more speed instead, this gives us 1,95 attacks per second (or 0,507 seconds per attack) so in 10 seconds you will have 19,5 x 1d6+5 damage, giving a range of 117 to 214,5.

Critical hits, these influence damage output greatly. So let’s use a 2x…

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Vow of Poverty: Pretty Please, Devs?

The Order of Syncletica

desertI’m enjoying Syncletica in her hermit style as she moves to Level 5.

Teacher Saekee noted that the concept I’m doing is nothing new, and has a PnP concept.

It’s Vow of Poverty, based on D&D 3.5e rules. A number of sites discuss it: here is one that’s most detailed.

Given that Monks are likely to take this, there is much gnashing of teeth and wailing and lamentations of overpoweredness of this ability, even in the tabletop world. Boy, that sounds familiar.

I think Vow of Poverty would make for a great enhancement tree. The challenge would be how to implement it.

I see it this way. To even activate this proposed class tree, you cannot have any non-Monk levels, period.

Once you choose it, if you have spent any AP elsewhere (except in racial trees) the game forces you to reset that tree(s). You may only have the…

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Have you hugged a paladin today?

Even Now


Dear Turbine,
I would like to suggest that the first week in October be hereafter
officially designated as “Paladin Appreciation Week.”
Love, Even ❤

Sometimes Even’s total lack of DPS makes me forget about all the amazing things she CAN do. Luckily for her, a pair of posts by Geoff Hanna and Adiurd reminded me that a paladin tank can be incredibly fun to play.

It’s easy to forget all the great things about paladins when you see a monk or barb doing quadruple-digit damage, or when you see all the paladin hate in forum posts and the advice channel. Want to get flamed? Just ask for advice on a paladin build – it’s a guaranteed 5000% troll bonus to threat.

Even's BoB XP report XP report – click for full size.

Seeing two people whose opinions I respect and admire speaking up publicly via blog in favor of paladins made me kinda proud…

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On Locusts and Honey: Hermit Syncletica

The Order of Syncletica

In the desolation hide all the answers. In the desolation hides the answers.

DDO Forum user Grace_ana asked me to visit a thread about beginner builds. She set some rules for new beginner preset build concepts, based on what’s offered but commonly unused from the character creation screen:

Rules for the pre-made paths are as follows:
1. It must be a pure build.
2. It cannot require any tomes.
3. It should have both a 28-pt and 32-pt option.
4. It should be workable with any race. This means including racial feats is fine, as long as a particular racial feat isn't vital.
5. Don't include enhancements, though the paths should be anchored in a tree much like the current ones are anchored in a former PRE.
6. It should only go up to level 20.

I couldn’t break things down in number-crunch mode using character creation tools. But I could recite the natural advantages of…

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Healers Love a Sexy Monk

Gaming With Kobay

Just got finished flagging for Tor, and did that on Dysic. He is up to level 15 right now, but that is probably more thanks to my Greater Learning tome on him. 😀 I’ve been rolling the XP in with him. Which isn’t the only thing I’ve been rolling in lately. I’ve hit very close to 200% Heal Amp on him, and Radiant Servant aura on a cleric has been able to keep him up with ease on top of Curse of Healing, and Vampiric Stonedust wraps. I kind of wish I had better AC and saves though than he does have. Oh well… I got that planned for next life, which will be probably my 3rd Monk life.

Scary thought, because I’m not sure what I’ll go for after my monk lives are done. I’ll probably stick to him for a while before TRing though. But… that is all…

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Think pink?

Even Now


I have these pretty detailed ideas floating around my head about what my toons are like, personality-wise; not just their base stats and hit points and spellpower, but what they’d be like if they were real (WHAT?! They’re not real?) and were people I actually knew.

I’ve always imagined Zak, my pale master, as kind of a more masculine version of a metrosexual. He’s dignified, he takes some pains with his appearance, and he comes across as very British and aristocratic. He has very deep emotions but rarely expresses them, and is usually uncomfortable when he does.

Zak has definite ideas of what suits him, and he’s rather opinionated on what a pale master should be. When he’s not in form, he still has a certain “undertaker” air about him; he wears a lot of black with the occasional touch of “blood” colors (red, maroon, etc.). No bright colors, no…

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Maidae; some color

Micki's Delirium

If you read my Maidae TR4 blog, you may remember that I said that Maidae’s hair was supposed to be dark purple, but that I thought it looked just brown. With the discount to hair dyes, I decided to get her a more noticeable purple color (was 75 TP). What do you think?

And as a side note, if you missed it, I moved from Finland to Sweden last week, and I just started a new job on Monday. I’ve been buying and assembling furniture for the new apartment, and I’m not even fully unpacked yet. Still lots to do. Because of the move I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play ddo or blog. I will get more active again once I get everything sorted.

That’s all from me for now. Thank you for stopping by and take care.

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Filkin’ around: Nerf City

Even Now


Mostly I’m pretty happy with how my toons have turned out since Update 19, and aside from TRing Char, which had nothing to do with the update, I haven’t reincarnated – lesser, greater, or true – any of ’em. But there are still little things I run across that make me wonder what in the world the devs were thinking. After watching Slvr’s bard Dirge the training dummy multiple times tonight while he kept swapping gear around to figure out why there was no Harmonic Resonance going on, the phrase “Nerf City” popped into my head… and well, when that happens, most of my friends know there’s a filk on the way.

Jan and Dean, sorry to butcher your classic “Surf City” with my DDO version.

Nerf City

Too bad, delete, reroll

I got a level 20 tempest and she used to be bad-ass
(Nerf City, now I’m gimped)

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I like bard

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I didn’t use to. Back in the murky days I created what would have been a haggle bard. Just good enough to get to 20 and then it was going to turn stuff into plat. That was back when plat had value and there was a thriving market. That was also back when random items had no value (kinda like the post Shadowfells days when both plat AND random and most named items has no value).

So my bard turned into a mule. And there he remained until years later Turbine decided to get all ‘bards are cool’ and release a new enhancement (Swashbuckler) and redo two others. That made me curious. And I decided to invest some time in redoing my dusty Drow bard and see if I could make something out of it.

First – it’s clear that I don’t have enough gear to make it as well…

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18, interesting level for gear

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I say interesting because the problem with 18 is that unlike a lot of other levels this one will run it’s course quickly. It was different when 20 was the defacto EPIC level – then even with the different 1st generation Epic gear a lot of the level 18 stuff was right there up with it. Like ToD sets. If you look at the first generation Epic stuff most of it was +6 ability with a few insight and exceptional. The closer we get to MOTU and a change to Epic levels 21-25 we saw more powerful versions, like in the Web of Chaos.

So while I can now use the Cannith Fabricator set, 2 fairly okay items and my Shintao ToD set (stacking +2 damage and accuracy) it’ll be circulated back to the back almost right about level 20. And it’s even worse with level 19 gear. There are…

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