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It’s not a rule, but it has become a fact; when I TR I always end up crafting something. It’s for that reason many of my guys have several BTC items, specifically crafted for them in the past and that I use when I TR. But somehow I always end up crafting something else.

Since I started organizing my mules better I’ve cut down on the redundant crafting; you know needing a con item and couldn’t find what I knew was in there somewhere, so now, for most part – I’ll find that BTA necklace with ease and use it for however many levels it’s needed (until something better, such as a named comes a long.

I also have plenty of armors – I don’t like the BTCoE binge that Turbine went through with the augmentation overpass since a lot of the named armor (well below 20) was converted to…

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Cerge TR’d into life 5

Micki's Delirium

Sometime just after midnight Oct 18, I finally got around to TR’ïng Cerge into his cleric life. See the build plan here. As always, I do the before and after pictures.

Cerge: 1 cleric/ 19 favs/ 8 epic morninglord     Cerge: 3 monk/ 4 fighter/ 8 cleric morninglord


I really don’t like his looks in the black robes, if I hadn’t ran out of TP, I would have gotten him cosmetic armor. Hopefully I can do something about his looks later. I also did a small miscalculation when planning this build. The idea was to do centered kensei with focus on heavy blades… but after levelling him up to 15 and looking at the enhancements, I learned that I cannot take One with the Blade until I have 8 levels of fighter, which I won’t have until level 20. So, I cannot use heavy blades until then…

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So Close and Yet So Far: Epic Elite Solo

The Order of Syncletica

Garamol and Lynncletica in negotiations for his loot. Garamol and Lynncletica in negotiations for his loot.

In between her farming duties for her lower-powered students, Lynncletica, the Little Mountain and my most powerful character, is eyeing how to attain her Purple Dragon Knights favor to unlock her Spider-Spun Caparison outfit.

At the time of this writing, she’s got 319 favor, short of the 375 needed to access the NPC that will allow unlocking.

I figure I might be able to get the needed favor by completing EE with the Eveningstar and Underdark chain quests.

That’s a better number of favor since the introduction of the three inaugural Shadowfell quests, which added more PDK favor to the mix.

As noted before, Lynncletica is built to endure EE as long as any pure Monk can manage. In any other difficulty or adventure outside of Epic Elite, she is practically invulnerable.  She ventures through the Subterrane for Icy Raiment farming…

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Drow Kunoichi: Ryncletica Resharpened

The Order of Syncletica

Each of my Monks are being regroomed as I try to spread out their levels for helping others, but also for something different.

I’ve sent Syncletica, Flynncletica and Szyncletica into several Epic Normal runs of “Devil’s Assault” to gather Tokens of the Twelve for any reincarnation efforts.

I know who was my next TR target–my first dark Monk, Ryncletica, the kunoichi. But for months now I’ve been unsure how to position her. Too many ninjas? Hell, no, you can’t have too many! And if you do, how would you find them?

And then Update 23 came along to inspire several of us in the game–which caused me to go “screw that” to the Token farming for now and buy a Heroic Heart of Wood for getting the inspiration off the ground immediately.

Melee Powered Poison

This DDO thread notes how Venomed Blades, a poison stance granted to Drow and Assassins…

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Zen and the Art of Stunning a Giant Senseless

The Order of Syncletica

In Gianthold Tor, the giants can become overwhelming. Sometimes an old-school approach is better. (Stolen from GamerGeoff) In Gianthold Tor, the giants can become overwhelming. Sometimes an old-school approach is better. (Stolen from GamerGeoff)

What is the sound of one fist punching?

The answer to this not-quite-zen riddle is: A ding, as in the confirmation sound of a Stunning Fist connecting to its target.

Stunning Fist is ever the keystone attack of most unarmed Monks. But for Pynthetica the Zen Archer, using Stunning Fist or any ki attacks outside of Ten Thousand Stars isn’t her usual knack.

At least, not until a Heroic Elite run on “Gianthold Tor.”

Why Evasion is So Needed

Over the weekend, a fellow guildmate and I had completed the three flagging runs for Heroic Gianthold, all on Elite. “A Cabal of One” showed we (a Warforged Artificer, a Half-Elf Monk, Tempys and Gorgal) had plenty of DPS. While my friend Shakalegg the Artificer had superior trapping ability…

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Jarvanna 2.0 take 2

Micki's Delirium

I redid the plan again, and here’s the new one (for me for easy access while levelling)

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02DDO Character Planner Home PageJarvanna 
Level 28 Lawful Neutral Human Female
(1 Fighter  9 Monk  10 Druid  8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 502
Spell Points: 567 
BAB: 14141924
Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 13
Will: 16

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(34 Point)(Level 1)(Level 28)
Strength             17                    24
Dexterity            15                    18
Constitution         15                    21
Intelligence          8                    11
Wisdom               13                    16
Charisma              8                    11

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That thin line between Wicked Face Smashing and an Immovable Object

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

          Pugsneeze is slowly moving to that level 20 mark and I’ll go into working on my legendary dreadnaught ED and gathering Tokens of The Twelve. Despite how much I despised being a paladin, I will actually miss certain aspects after this TR.

         Here is just a little recap on Pugsneeze’s paladin life. First and foremost he had 2 levels in Rogue and made a fairly decent trap monkey. While I lacked a good lock pick skill I was able to find and disarm just about every trap I came up on. Pugs also went through a number of enhancement respecs. I started him out focusing on more damage out put that survivability and at low levels this worked out extremely well. Only a few times I worried about him dying due to his lack of defenses which was close to none. I continued this way up until about level…

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My New Druid-Cannock Moonbrooke

Erdrique's Blog

Well, with Erdrique no longer a druid, I decided to roll up a new druid but decided to focus on spell casting instead of melee.  My new druid is Cannock Moonbrooke and currently my thought is to use him as a back line spellcaster, with a little melee ability during his early levels but not much.  I want to focus more on his cold and lightning based spell casting.  We’ll see how it goes as Erdrique was mostly melee based and used his offensive spells to augment his melee abilities.  Cannock will be opposite to this, primarily using his spell casting as main source of damage and using his summons and companion as aggro magnets.  Here is my thoughts:

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02

DDO Character Planner Home Page

Cannock Moonbrooke

Level 28 Neutral Good Half-Elf Male

(20 Druid 8 Epic)
Hit Points: 366
Spell Points: 1834

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What Inspires You?

The Order of Syncletica

Protect_the_Princess Or are you waiting for somebody else to save her because you’re still grinding for that Epic Destiny for more DPS? She’s not going to save herself, you know. (And if she does save herself, she’s not going to want you playing with her.)

Noticed that OurDDO and the DDO forums aren’t very active today.

I find that disturbing. The younger generation aren’t entirely adapting Cobainian or Meyerist philosophies, are they?

I mean, the gaming community can’t possibly be filled with players who wait to be entertained (and bitch when they think it sucks) or sit on their butts waiting for the world to change because they’re too indifferent to realize that the world requires their direct action for any change of significance to occur.

I’m older than most gamers. I’m also part of the last group of Baby Boomers (although my wife continues to try to label me as a “Generation…

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