Holding Levels?

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

           So I have been like this child on christmas everytime I aquired enough XP to level I scurred to my class trainer and leveled up. Excited for my new feats and skills sometimes a boost to me Primary Attribute but most importantly that number next to my Portrait went up by one. Gawk at my might as I have just advanced in level!

           Recently I had been listening to DDOCast and specifically #320 where he talks about Tips for TRing and effective leveling. I have heard people talk about this but have never really put it to practice. Holding levels? What why would you do that? I can hardly resist the temptation to advance just one more level. While a majority of the time, I still want to run quests that, prior to me leveling, were At-level quests now they are not and I take a hit to…

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First life clerics can’t solo EE’s

Micki's Delirium

Back in spring of 2012 when I first capped Thaz (I took months to cap because I was determined to run every quest at level), someone told me that Thaz would never be allowed into high level raids. Since then, more than one person has told me to TR Thaz, that clerics need past lives to be any good, etc. It has become my mission to prove, that a first life cleric can do just about anything, as long as you have some gear and tactics.

I do know that her dps is much lower than other builds, and most likely lower than it could be if she had past lives. It takes me much longer to solo an ee than for Osi, and I’m rather squishy, so I have to kite + heal constantly or I’ll die. But the fact that it isn’t super easy, make it much more exciting. I…

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Too Much Swash, Not Enough Buckler

The Order of Syncletica

Stale rank air greeted the adventurer’s party as it stepped into the sewers.

After a few seconds of preparation, most of the adventurers charged forward, reckless, in haste and raged. But one small halfling took the hindmost. She’d been burned before by overzealous party members.

Huge spiders leapt from crevasses and from dark perches overhead, immediately overwhelming and surprising those ahead of her. These spiders were so massive that the halfling could conceivably put a harness and saddle on one and ride it back to Stormreach.

Several party members faded back immediately, bitten by the poisonous spiders. A lone healer struggled to remove poisons and heal while others defended her.

“Amateurs,” Flynncletica muttered to herself. She hummed a little, channelling a little bardic power to add blurriness and health to a couple of the struggling party members.

One spider broke from the group and charged.

But she didn’t raise her sword arm…

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The Order of Syncletica

The Assassin from "Diablo II," trained to slay mages in style. (c) Blizzard Entertainment The Assassin from “Diablo II,” trained to slay mages with style. (c) Blizzard Entertainment

After reading my own review of finishing moves in my last post, my right hand moved on its own and began to slap me across the face every so often for a few odd minutes.

“What is the sound of a stupid gamer crying?” the hand said.

I’ve always touted the Monk class as an anti-mage or “magekiller“; a class designed to resist or deflect magical attacks and to slay powerful spellcasters that could debilitate other classes who fail to evade or save from such attacks.

Old Diablo II fans may recall the Assassin class, a martial-arts melee class that used items and attacks that emulated magic to destroy corrupted mages.

I miss that game. It was the original Neverwinter Nights RPG that pulled me away from that one, and DDO then pulled…

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Soloing EE

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’ve done it before – on my Sorc and Arti and I do believe Pally. Somethings are definitely possible to solo, due to lower difficulty over all but also because you’re not running into lots of high save, high HP mobs. Like the 1st quest in Web of Chaos or the House of D one out of the level 4 Wilderness. They’re doable eventho things can hit hard the mobs are generally not that big. Basically; if you have the resources to spare and if you have to DC to make it possible, anything can be done.
Now, I don’t solo these things because of the challenge. I’m still trying to get stuff done – so challenge to me just add more resource waste including time spent. But now and then it’s a good way to test some stuff – because on EN and EH things can break fast and…

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Secret Harper Agent Man

The Order of Syncletica

Harper Assassin: A perfect and deadly combination. Harper Assassin: A perfect and deadly combination.

Update 23 brought a fascinating addition to the enhancement tree: Harper Agent.

For those of you that don’t bother to read the flavor text of various Harper favor quests in the Forgotten Realms to gain an idea of who they are, here’s some info from one wiki, and more information from Wikipedia. Of course, DDO Wiki has a short summary.

For DDO purposes, the Harper Agent is the first enhancement tree that any character can access. In fact, your character is granted this tree automatically as a VIP, but requires a DDO Store purchase for others. (Reports are coming in that some players don’t see the tree: This is a Known Issue.)

Harpers are the Forgotten Realm’s counterpart to MI-6 or CIA or House Phiarlan: they’re spies. A good-aligned group, they investigate and infiltrate suspicious groups throughout the land, seeking any information…

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The Right Tools

The Order of Syncletica

sword-shieldIt’s no longer a game of Light Monk fisticuffs for most of my game play, of late.

My unarmed play of late is generally only with Ryncletica the Ninja, who often enjoys more time with her short swords and shuriken. She now owns a Celestia to go with her Star of Day to dish out some Ninja Poisoning, as well as Antipode handwraps.

Quintessica the Mystic almost always uses her quarterstaves, and the latest gift of a free Sireth from the Update 20 Raider’s Box will all but guarantee this fighting style isn’t changing soon.

And the star-thrower Szyncletica is looking out for any returning stars to craft while on her way to obtain her Green Steel weapons. She just got a Morning Star shuriken and a nasty Cormyrian power-star.

All this weaponizing of my Monks leads me to a mild revelation. Good weapons are hard to find.


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A Pure Barbarian Build.

Anitcs ~ Pure Ascentions

       Pugsneeze is slowly moving towards level 20. Right now he is sitting a rank away from 19. Just got to Get from 19 to 20 which shouldn’t be to hard, I have just been balancing my real life, other characters, DMing a PnP game and work, so it has been a little slow. I have about 8-9 Tokens of the twelve left over from my last like as a Monkcher so I won’t have to do as much farming to get those for my TR. Just go to move around gear and clear out his TR Cache and Finish my Greensteel Bracers. Thats been fairly slow, due to a lack of Shroud runs. I have been trying to Pug Shroud multiple times the group falls apart before we even get started. This time I’ll be ready, I have a Holy Burst Silver Great Axe (Found it in a chest…

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You gotta have hearts

Even Now


Maybe it was how well Even’s recent TR turned out that I decided to go on a bit of a reincarnation spree the past two days.

First it was Meren, who’s been wandering through epic levels kind of aimlessly, not sure if she wants to be a healer or a caster or even a melee. I have a friend who’s starting a new toon and wanted a rogue along; I asked Meren (yes, I do talk to my toons) and she reckoned traps were something she could deal with.


I didn’t want to make a carbon copy of either Vic or Sere, since they’re all individuals in their own right; instead, Meren is going to focus primarily on trap skills and secondarily on DPS and assassinate DCs. We also have a monk, so Meren’s melee damage won’t be crucial.

Next it was Zak’s turn. I considered just swapping out a…

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Update 23, a tankers dream

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

if Update 23 adds a significant uptick in DPS, it also gives a big chunk of combined features to anyone who’d like to put together a tank.

Like these. It combines speed, most tactical options, Greater Heroism and resistance. It’s one item with everything you’d need in tactical boosts. Granted, anyone could need a good source of permanent Greater heroism and resistance, but it’s hard to deny the use of tactical feet for a versatile tank. Plus with the speed, you get all you need for melee and ranged attack Speed, saving you some additional features that would altogether be 2-3 items at least. Like right now I don’t use an item for stunning (something I need) but I have the seal from MOTU with Vertigo and I’m one level from the collar from TOR for run and attack speed. All of that (including whatever I find for stunning)…

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