Back where she belongs

Even Now


I loved – seriously, loved – Even’s first life as a paladin.

Damage mitigation, self-healing, aggro getting and keeping… tanking was boatloads of fun. She was pretty good at it, IMHO, and she got plenty of requests for her tanking services.

There was just the little matter of her little DPS. In parties, it never mattered. As long as stuff was trying to kill Even and leaving everybody else alone, it was all good. But soloing could get tedious because it took her longer than most people to kill stuff. And I’m the kind of player who likes to kill everything rather than rushing through, which made questing solo on Even even longer.

It still wasn’t that big a deal until she started running into stuff that could self-heal – namely Nythirios, the boss at the end of the second phase of Tower of Despair. Solo-wise, it took her a…

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Vanguard Tanking

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’m currently at level 24, so I have about 4 levels experience of vanguard tanking, all under Divine Crusader. And I must say that I’m pleased, since not only have I done mostly EH under all circumstances but also EE in pugs.

There’s currently 4 ways to tank, the 2 weapon/2 handed half tank with a heavy investment in DPS (like Kensei) and less so in Stalwart (or as Pally Knight of the Chalice or Defender). I call them half tank since there’s little or no real investment in AC other than basic from armor, but with some investment in things that add PRR and perhaps even armor agility and such. The onus is naturally on DPS but also with a slight addition to survivability. This is just like with MOTU when you could add defensive capabilities while adding mostly DPS, that was later (and one of those ‘huh’ things)…

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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

First, this latest lam allowed me to truly check out a few concepts within the changes that are coming. Namely half tank (not so much full tank tho), Paladin and my Dragon Singer.

There are of course other concepts that should be investigated – such as DPS fighter in relation to the DPS changes, full tank – both Paladin and Fighter, but I’m not sure I have time or interest in digging into everything. There’s one main drawback – currently MRR, this new magic resistance rating also lowers the healing. It’s an unintended side effect so hopefully that’ll change.

First off my Bladeforged Paladin. The fun part about doing Lam is that you can also get the latest toys, mix and match the augments and most named items (that you don’t have) and upgrade stuff like Thunderforged to Max. So in essence, you can check what your future build can…

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Epic reincarnation finally understood


Well if your reading this you likely play DDO and if not you should do.

I’ve been playing since April 2006 and would class myself as a novice still after all this time. The game keeps changing and I keep learning.

My caplet ironist (completionist) spellcheckers do make me laugh. Sorry getting sidetracked. My completionist Radzax has just ETR’d again. Previously I have ETR’d and then immediately HTR’d back to level 1. So I have only just realised a drawback with ETRing.

As a hoarder of loot I have found this a particularly hard lesson. When you ETR you don’t get the reincarnation bank. So having put all my btc items in my backpack before entering the grove I find myself with a full backpack at level 20 and no room for anything else.

If I now HTR I get an empty pack to start hoarding again. I also didn’t…

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It’s thankless work, being a cleric

The Order of Syncletica

(From Arcangela, Ninth Order Cleric of the Sovereign Host, Tyrs Paladium)

I am honored to defend the realms of Stormreach and spread healing to any who require it of me.

That said, being a cleric is a thankless job. “Heal me.” “Can you buff?” “Can you raise me?” Mind you, despite my vows to my order of the Sovereign Host, it can be a bit, um, vexing to meet the needs of so many.

One instance occurred on the request of a man who desired a tomb from a haunted library. Simple enough for someone with an affinity to defend against undeath. I had prepared to travel alone with a hired hand when a young group offered to party with me. Experience has shown that’s a better plan–the dead can be unpredictable, and I’m not the strongest fighter.

So, the quest was simple enough. I saved the party a lot…

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5 degrees of Melee

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

U23 brought a lot of changes; some of them very good – tanking is finally viable – others not so good (partly because of broken mechanics but also Turbines propensity for adding terrible features).

One that was explicitly considered is the armor up; and in extension – Melee viability. There’s no secret that melee and especially non evasion melee had an uphill struggle since the release of MOTU. If it was not as bad in the MOTU expansion (with the change of the old AC system), it was downright obliterated with the move to even higher level caps.

If you ever saw a non evasion melee it was some kind of derivative of Bladeforged or Blitzers with a clear void of things like Horcs. U23 is set to change that, how successfully is still a question going forward as with the changes of Pally it’s still a landscaped dotted with…

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Assassins and Ninja Spies: A Comparison

The Order of Syncletica

Assassin: A knife for any occasion. Assassin: A knife for any occasion.

(4/18/2014: A few comrades on the forums noted several glaring errors to my comparison here during a discussion on XP related to stealthing. I’ll update my comparison in the near future but, to keep my mea culpa here as a reference, I’ll revisit it in a new post.)

I have written and published several posts related to Kiricletica the solo ninja and originally had more posts on the way. But life events and Kiri’s fast leveling have antiquated those posts rather swiftly, making updates impractical.

So, I wanted to take a break from that to look at the Ninja Spy class in general, from the perspective of a similar class.

Most of you know (probably ad nauseam) what the Ninja Spy can do. They have many abilities to quickly harm and kill an enemy, both as enhancements or as part of the Monk class.

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The Singing Sword of Destruction

The Order of Syncletica

The HELLS is this, Syn? This doesn't look like a Monk! Have you been enjoying too much incense or something? The HELLS is this, Syn? This doesn’t look like a Monk! Have you been meditating over too much incense or something?

My blog’s primary goal is a reflection on all things about the Monk class in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Often the posts I share are meant as extensive discussion and analysis of general abilities, prestige tracks and builds that the Monk can utilize. Such discussion would clog up the Book of Syncletica guide itself and would also be too subjective.

There have been a few new things that’s entered into our virtual world of Eberron to pull my attention away from the monastic for a time.

It might surprise some people to know that not all of my characters are Monks. I have an Artificer, still in her first life and used primarily for Cannith Crafting. I have two Rogues, one an Acrobat in her first life and…

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Epic Shuricannon: Nothing Comes Close

The Order of Syncletica

SzynTR1-L22I posted a demo run of the Shiradi Shuricannon at high Heroic levels to demonstrate the build’s basics.

As an Epic character, the ‘Cannon’s training in Shiradi, along with some ninja happiness, can be summed up in one phrase: Nothing comes close.

You can take that in both senses of the meaning.

The Shiradi effects, for those unfamiliar, add interesting elemental effects around 7% of the time that add area-of-effect and direct damage to targets using ranged attacks. It doesn’t matter what kind of ranged attack you use; even magic works (thus the popularity of the Shiradi Sorcerers).

Now, a 7% chance for an effect to go off (“proc”) doesn’t sound like much.

Well, then, you have to look at the Shuricannon’s basic design. Here’s a screenshot of Szyncletica’s character sheet (above).

Here you see that DEX is very, very heavy. That’s because DEX determines both damage and to-hit for…

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Erdrique as a Monk

Erdrique's Blog

Well, I finally got everything ready for Erdrique to do a Heroic True Reincarnation and so I took him to the Grove yesterday and went through the process to start Erdrique as a monk.  My initial plans are him to be as self sustaining as possible, I tend to do this with most of my characters, and I don’t tend to max-min much.  I want Erdrique to be efficient at killing, getting past traps, and being able to heal himself.  So I decided to go down the light monk path, primarily taking mostly Shintao enhancements.  Here is my thought:

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Erdrique Hauksness
Level 20 Lawful Good Human Male

(20 Monk)
Hit Points: 312

Spell Points:…
BAB: 1515202525

Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 17

Will: 18

                  Starting            Ending          Feat/Enhancement

Abilities        Base Stats         Base Stats         Modified Stat
(36 Point)

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