Shining Stars: Boosting the Damage

The Order of Syncletica

Szyncletica1Szyncletica, my third Ninja Spy, who specializes in throwing stars as her primary weapon, had minor teething pains, all expected. Perhaps I should say that her player had teething pains, primarily since a thrower is a different breed of Monk, like Henshin Mystics.

Nevertheless, she’s extremely fun to play and is my current obsession. She’s gained 7 levels since I rolled her up last week.

I think she takes down enemies faster at-level than either my Artificer, the semi-retired Arcammedes (my resident crafter) or my Arcane Archer, Pynthetica, now recently TR’d to become a Half-Elf Arcane Archer Monk (just to see how it works).

If you’re building one, take note of a few things.

Unarmed Fighting and Low STR

You don’t have good kung fu, frankly. With a very low STR (8), you don’t cause sufficient damage for many enemies. It’s good to have some handwraps when some oozes…

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The Mystery of the Finishing Move

The Order of Syncletica

(Credit: Claudio Pozos) (Credit: Claudio Pozas)

I am not surprised, in my travels, on what monastic abilities are used more often than others.

By far, the most popular ability for most players is the feat, Stunning Fist, and for good reason.

But is that all there is to being a Monk? To stun things.

I say, “Nay, nay!”

My adventures with Kiricletica have allowed me to acquaint myself to the mystical powers inherent in the finishing moves available to all Monks. Since she plays completely alone, the solitude forced me to review and utilize anything I could do to gain an advantage against the hordes. Kiri may be a ninja, but the Conservation of Ninjutsu only goes so far.

A Primer on Finishing Moves

For those newer to Monks than others, a finishing move is a spell-like ability made by combining three ki attacks, often the elemental attacks from your training based…

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A Look Back at Erdrique’s Druid’s Life

Erdrique's Blog

Over the weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique who was working on a druid life.  This particular iteration for Erdrique was extremely enjoyable.  I have to admit, I was quite worried about this particular life because I never played a druid up until now.  However, from the time Erdrique was able to shape change to a wolf until the time he was able to cast Earthquake, I had a blast playing him as a druid.  Since I tend to favor the melee side of things, I primarily leveled him through the Nature’s Warrior Enhancement line.  I found a number of its abilities in combination with a number of druid spells extremely effective and just plain to use.

I really found the enhancements Alpha Strike, Essense of the Strike, Fatal Harrier, and Hide of the Crocodile probably the most beneficial enhancements for me.  I would use Alpha Strike primarily…

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Solo’ing ee’s on Thaz at/ under level

Micki's Delirium

In the previous blog I was comparing Thaz and Cerge in ee Outbreak at lvl 24, and was thinking of how to improve Thaz to get her to match Cerge’s run of the quest. I redid her enhancements, swapped out radiant aura for divine disciple tier 5 enhancements, and dropped her heals a bit for lower spellcost when using metas. I also recorded a macro with Razer Synapse (the software that comes with Razer products) for my spell rotation to be used during the boss fights. What the macro does is that it runs through the spells you’ve selected and casts the one that is off timer. This allows you to cast your spells faster, and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the fact that you don’t have to hit your keys as much and as often as you would without the script.

The changes I did…

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Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison take 2

Micki's Delirium

This life Cerge is a morninglord fvs, 1 cleric/ 19 fvs, and I’ve been feeling like he’s pretty good, does well in ee’s and I can solo stuff. So I decided to solo ee Outbreak at lvl 24 (one level under level), which went fine. I have, though, been feeling like my cleric is just better, she has more spells and things die faster. So, to do a proper comparison, I took Thaz into ee Outbreak at 24 to see how she’d do.

The result? Cerge has much less wisdom and lower spell DCs than Thaz, but he killed the red names faster, his spells did more damage per hit. Cerge also took less damage and didn’t need to heal quite as much as Thaz did. Cerge finished the quest in 19 min, for Thaz it took 24, which includes one death. Cerge used 11 mana pots, Thaz 12. Technically…

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Enter the Assassin

The Order of Syncletica

"Assassinate." “Assassinate.”

I’m straying again from monastic enlightenment, but primarily because I’m fond of Rogues, their complementarity with Ninja Spies, as well as my total love of stealth operations, recently codified for others.

There’s also the matter of refining what I’ve learned from my aging first-life Acrobat, Allysen, combining my stealth teachings from Kiricletica and others.

Say hello to Sukitetica. She’s a halfling Assassin, inspired by Log Horizon’s cute but deadly character, Akatsuki.

With Suki, my goal is to destroy my own fallacies about any limitations in the class. But Update 22 won’t make that easy.

The Art of Offensive Non-Aggression

Enjoying the Splinterskull throne. It's lonely being an Assassin--and Sukitetica likes it that way, mostly. Enjoying the Splinterskull throne. It’s lonely being an Assassin–and Sukitetica likes it that way, mostly.

Unlike Ninja Spies, Rogues, in general, have high to-hits but not necessarily high damage per attack. By the basic design, Rogues gain a far greater attack when enemies aren’t paying attention to…

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A Monk Story

Gaming With Kobay


There once was a Gimpy first life Drow Cleric weidling at what time he thought was the best weapon ever! A simple Adamantine Rapier, that he became so fond of, he even bound it to himself so he’d never lose his precious sword. This Cleric weilded his gimpy rapier with majesty, flailing it at every Kolbold and sewer urchin he found, while trying to make sure his party members didn’t die off on him either. Truth was though, he was a HORRIBLE healer. It didn’t matter to him though. He thought he did awesome, as long as he had his precious rapier by his side and a cure light wounds in his pocket.

Then one faithful evening, he and a party of adventurers traveled out into the Cereluen hills to stick it to some hobgoblins that were up to no good. It was tough, but back then normal difficulty was…

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Swashbuckler vs Dragon Singer (or rather Spellsinger)

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Before I swashbuckled, I Spellsang. And it was good. Not perfect mind you. But good. Spellsinger got that wailing, heal spell and an assortment of sonic SLAs. Swashbuckler have a singular focus on good DPS. Comparing ‘Dragon Singer’ as a concept against something like Swashbuckler is however not entirely good. Partly because it’s a concept – not one broadly used whereas Swashbuckler is something that exist on a broad spectrum of multiclass builds and even pure. But for me at least it’s a fairly simply comparison.

At its essence Swashbuckler is good – offers lots of reflex save (currently 65 but could be higher), lots of dodge (32% is the cap right now and he’s at 25%) and with both blur, ghostly and Displacement the Swashbuckler is very ‘survivable’. Add a good source of different self healing to booth. And at 700 HP running FOTW, it has enough HP to…

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Swashbuckled out

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I don’t mind Swashbuckling. It’s potent. Combine a pure bard with lots of reflex saves and you have a nice little melee option. The problem is of course the idiocy of spell pen, making the potent dancing ball and such hard to use in harder difficulty – and if you go full Swashbuckler you won’t have many feats for that stuff.

There’s also one thing more with Swashbuckler. It’s singularly devastating on a singular critter. Unlike my tank, my horc, my pally, my tempest ranger etc. All use cleave and greater cleave with gusto and their carnage is on a very different level than my bard Swashbuckler. Sure, my tempest wont hit for more then say 200-300 on crit (moreso when using adrenaline) – but his ability to combine multi arrow for burst and cleaving through critters with easy, makes him more effective on many targets as suppose really good…

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Swashbuckling for Goblets

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I don’t like to ER just to be able to get some challenge mats, but I wanted to finish off some items and this was about the best way I could do it. Plus I was interested in trying to make a Swashbuckler out of my pure bard; just to see how it works. Fighting a flawed challenge system is one thing – but doing it with a new enhancement with a toon that only have basic gear is another. The experience have definitely been mixed.

Worst is of course that Challenges bottom out at 25. Making it impossible to use capped toons. Sure – there’s the Eveningstar challenges but I don’t like those at all. Plus the items aren’t all that great (there’s one cloak of course but that’s it). The bad part is just how wonky the challenge system is. You’ll get a nice amount of mats for…

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