A Look at My Mechanic Rogue-Sludgge

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I was asked to write up a blog about Sludgge, my Mechanic rogue a few weeks ago.  Sludgge is one of my oldest characters who was originally created to be part of a static warforged group.  When I had first created him, our gang had decided that all of our warforged characters for this group would take at least one level of wizard or sorcerer in able to repair ourselves and each other with wands when necessary.  So for a log time Sludgge had one level of wizard.  However, when we received our +20 Lesser Hearts of Wood I was able to take that level out and I was able to upgrade him from a 28 point build to a 32 point build.

Sludgge has always been a rogue and he has always been a Mechanic rogue (since that prestige enhancement was first created).  Sludgge currently stands at level…

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The Ascetic Guardian

The Order of Syncletica

My posts have been filled with pleasant diversion from the blog’s focus.


Shortsword wielding ninjas.

Even Bard Swashbucklers.

Whatever happened to good ol’ fisticuffs?

Well, rejoice, Dear Heart, as now we return to those thrilling days of not-so-yesteryear of the thrice-new adventures of Lynncletica, the Little Mountain.

More sword than shield, Lynn's defenses will increase. But her attire befits that of a hermit until she is truly worthy to be a guardian. More shield than sword, Lynn’s defenses will increase. But her attire befits that of a hermit until she is truly worthy to be a guardian.

With a third life, Lynn is not so little. Her larger physique granted by the third reincarnation makes her appear Amazonian, compared to others about the dojo.

Lynncletica returns as a Shintao Monk once more, leaving the role of the dojo’s Epic leader to Szyncletica for now. This time, Lynn is able to take full advantage of the Shintao training, which favors the Earth Stance for defense and power.

Of course, Lynn can never keep up…

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Even Now


Sometimes I really need to have a little faith.

The other night, I asked Slvr, “Do I want to work on sagas with Even, or take Dissy into Thunderholme and get her killed?”

Slvr generally knows what I want better than I do, so when he told me to take Dissy to Thunderholme, I logged her in (although I lamented to him on AIM, “But she’s gonna DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!”, to which he replied, “I have faith in her!”).

I wasn’t optimistic – my level 26 gimpish first-life Drow bard, alone in a level 29 wilderness? Well, not QUITE alone; she grabbed the level 24 rogue hire because I didn’t know how hard the traps would hit her, and she ended up bringing her owlbear as well to keep aggro off the rogue while he disabled.

Dissy’s intentionally built more as a support toon than as a soloer. She has yet to…

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