New items Night Revels 2022

Micki's Delirium

Night Revels is my favorite ddo event and I run it every year. This year the most exciting new thing they added was the Reaper’s Steed – but also the only thing I really wanted. Since it’s also a really easy way to get a fast mount for my alt accounts, I did spend some mats to get a few of these horses.

New items this year: Reaper’s Steed, Cloak of Tattered Bone and Reaper’s Shield

Mount Certificate: Reaper’s Steed

Firetha on the Reaper’s Steed

Firetha on the Reaper’s Steed – other side

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P.S. The pics of the other two items:

Cloak of Tattered Bone

Reaper’s Shield

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Hardcore season 6 surprise: Fey Hunt Hounds

Micki's Delirium

On day 1-2 of HC 6 I parked a death watch toon on the server to record the death announcements. Have a look at the video on twitch:

I’ve again split this blog in pages, and done one page per hound. The hounds are:

Fey Brilliant Hunt Hound
Fey Caustic Hunt Hound
Fey Decay Hunt Hound
Fey Fire Hunt Hound
Fey Frost Hunt Hound
Fey Kinetic Hunt Hound

Fey Brilliant Hunt Hound

Fey Brilliant Hunt Hound

Hund’s Light Vulnerability
Each stack of this increases your vulnerability to Light damage by 20%, to a maximum of 20 stacks.
Hund’s Electric Vulnerability
Each stack of this increases your vulnerability to Electric damage by 20%, to a maximum of 20 stacks.

DDO Fey Brilliant Hunt Hound

Fey Caustic Hunt Hound

Fey Caustic Hunt Hound

Hound’s Acid Vulnerability
Each stack of this increases vulnerability to Acid damage by 20%, to a…

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DDO: Cracking back open the Fables of the Feywild

Bio Break

The idea of returning to Dungeons and Dragons Online grew in popularity in my head in a matter of days, fueled by — no doubt — the recent update and 16th anniversary. Sixteen!?! Gads, we’re all so oooold. But notions are one thing; actually re-entering an MMO takes a bit more than whims.

First of all, I had to figure out where I left off in the Fables of the Feywild expansion (which, thanks to this blog, I was able to do quickly). Then I set aside a half-hour or so to sort out my over-stocked inventory, laden from all of the freebie dice rolls that I’d done over the last year. I picked out an outfit, leveled up my character (she’s now an 18 Artificer, if that needs to be stated for the record), stuffed a bunch of items in the bank, sold useless junk, arranged potions, remapped keys…

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Excited over cross-faction play in World of Warcraft

Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

IGN reported this week that an update is currently in the works that will allow Alliance and Horde players to form parties together for dungeons, raids, and rated PvP. Though not available yet, the change is planned for release as part of an eventual 9.2.5 update sometime after the upcoming major patch, Eternity’s End.

The article can be read here.

Personally, this makes me excited to play wow again, even retail, since I had been dabbling with Classic trying to find a home in a server in that version of the game but not having been too successful due to Classic TBC dropping which resulted in a lot of empty servers in the Classic realms. Also RL got in the way (work, house duties etc).

Though this change will probably affect more high-level players or those who have max characters wanting to group up with their friends…

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Why didn’t I know DDO hardcore was a thing?

I think at some point in my long history of playing DDO (OK so it is admittedly a checkered history because I have left the game to play other mmos for long periods of time) I must have been made aware that there was a hardcore mode for the game, if not a dedicated server for this ruleset.

I am saddened by the fact that this is not a permanent situation on DDO as it is in Classic wow, to name another popular venue for HC mode, as I mentioned back in December of last year when I was heavily into trying to make it to level 60 without dying, a feat that seems almost impossible at times in Classic, without dedicating a major amount of time to it. As a casual gamer and definitely a casual in mmos, I grew weary with this seemingly futile endeavor and quit.


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Hardcore V – Starthrower Dominance

The Order of Syncletica

I wish I’d wrote more often as I once did. I apologize; I find myself with far less time to do so. I guess I’ve actually been playing longer times. Between this and my real-life workloads (adding in my human procrastination), there hasn’t been a lot of time.

Priority is now set on the new Monk guide for a lateJanuary 2022 release. Now that the new Epic Destiny system is in place, with several new quests, gear and mechanic changes done, I feel more comfortable to get this done. Most importantly, I’ve played enough to get used to all the changes from my 2 year break. One change in the guide will be support for a few multiclass variations. More on this later.

So Hardcore Season V arrived in November and I immediately jumped in, feeling pumped up after surviving the ridiculously dangerous HC IV, which had incredibly deadly monster…

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Enjoying the Night Revels’ ambiance

Micki's Delirium

One of my favorite things about Night Revels has been that the night sky follows you to the guild ship. This year, though, it didn’t which made me rather sad. Just today I noticed that if I stepped into Deleras graveyard – not the quest, and after that went back to the guild ship, I got the lovely night sky. Have a look at some of the pics below.

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The Night Revels 2021

Micki's Delirium

Last year SSG didn’t do anything new for Night Revels, the only thing different was the quest list for the event. Each year, since they started doing the Night Revels dungeons, the quest lineup changes a little. Night Revels 2021 started on October 14 and will run through November 2.

Read more about the event on the ddowiki:

This year, the quest line up is as follows:

  • Haverdashed, gives Shadowy Caramel and Chocolate
  • Getting Ahead in the Lordsmarch Palace, gives Shadowy Caramel and Chocolate
  • Hayweird Foundry, gives Pinch of Sinister Cinnamon and Chocolate
  • Smashing Pumpkins, gives Black Apple and Chocolate
  • Grave Work, gives Black Apple and Chocolate
  • Snitch and the Lich, gives Pinch of Sinister Cinnamon and Chocolate
  • Kobolds’ Newest Ringleader, gives Spooky Almond and Chocolate
  • Under New Ravagement, gives Spooky Almond and Chocolate
  • Eternity Unleached, gives Spectral Dragonscale

And of course Delera’s Graveyard (quest) for farming keys and…

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Hardcore Monk V: Victory

The Order of Syncletica

For my goals, at least, I “won” in the Hardcore IV season.

There were several goals a player could aspire to meet. Since I was new to Hardcore play, I chose only two: 1) Reach 1750 favor, and 2) Reach level 20.

I did both, and using the very first Hardcore character I created: Petracletica, the Ninja Spy.

It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I’d like to say I survived and succeeded by skill alone. But as many of my friends (most also in my Ghallanda guild) would say, luck played a big factor.

As noted in past posts, the greatest challenge in HC IV was surviving the special Monster Champions present there. They were even color-coded for your convenience if you had a good Spot score. Some you knew to be careful not to attack too harshly in melee or get a stacking disease effect that could kill…

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Hardcore Monk IV – The Dark Before The Light

The Order of Syncletica

I’ve typically had three active characters on the Hardcore server. A “main,” or leader character with the most advancement, synced with my Ghallanda guildmates who I accompany. A secondary character is played that I tried to keep no more than 3 levels less than the main. A third or even 4th character are warmed up and played to at least Level 5 or 6 in case the worst of the worst happens.

That worst almost happened a couple days ago.

I’ve typically sent characters into quests or chains to farm on Normal or Hard difficulty. The Feywild became very attractive for its set items that would greatly add to survivability for all.

And during my off-days from work I played alone, accompanied by one or more hirelings, to complete some quests on the secondary and tertiaries, although never with the main.

The first to go was Dianacletica, a Zen Friar…

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