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These guys know how to role-play in AD&L (Advanced Dungeons & Lawyers). Credit: Tegehel These guys know how to role-play in AD&L (Advanced Dungeons & Lawyers).
Watch out for that OBJECTION! intimidate move!
Credit: Tegehel

Yep, I’m going to keep going with comparisons to DDO with the light novel/anime show, Log Horizon. The show depicts RPG teamwork so well that it should be required viewing/reading by all players.

With several of my characters redefined a bit based on the show’s “Assassin” and “Guardian” (more on the Assassin in another post), I’m reviewing who might best fit the role of the “Enchanter,” a class that provides critical party support to augment ally attacks or degenerate enemy defenses.

What’s harder here is that the Enchanter to emulate is Shiroe, the main character of the show. As he describes himself, Enchanters have weak attacks so they are best a party support character. But Shiroe’s successes come less from what spells he knows but in how

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Let’s See More Attack Animations!

The Order of Syncletica

If there were any one new cosmetic addition you could add to Dungeons & Dragons Online, what would it be?

My wish might be for more attack animations.

Attack animations shouldn’t be impossible to code in. In fact, we’ve seen a new one with a new class not long ago: the rune arm attack with the Artificer. I’m not sure if the addition of Orbs also changed how mages seem to work as well. So it’s not a matter of impossibility.

Attack animations would be purely aesthetic and not change one iota of your abilities.

So why not consider new attack animations based on a few criteria?

  • Class
  • Tree
  • Cosmetics


The Artificer looks like any other class with a sword or a crossbow without a rune arm equipped. That should be its default. Because of what a rune arm is, you can’t really have it work other ways. Same…

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Back in the Game – Life 13

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It’s been a busy 6 weeks. We moved house at the beginning of August, moving into a property with no internet. Then we went on holiday. When we got back, we still had no internet but I tried my mobile phone’s 3G tethering and found it worked surprisingly well for playing DDO. Then Rachel’s hard drive died and she couldn’t play 😦 so we stopped while I had a new drive ordered & delivered & I had time to put it in.

So the past week has been the first time we’ve properly been back in DDO for a while. Surprisingly I didn’t really miss it that much (yep, there goes my DDO street cred!).

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Recent Observations in the PUG Scene

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One of the things I have been trying to do more and more often is to enter the PUG scene.  I’m trying to be more active in this arena in an effort to continue to recruit players into the Crypt Crawlers and in an effort to help out other players in anyway I can, at least with getting quests done.  The main mechanism I have been using to do this is by putting up a LFM in the group panel.  I generally have a calendar already laid out for what quests and explorer zones I’m looking to do for the week and the vast majority of the time the quests I want to try to run are typically not put up in the LFM panel.  So I typically through a post up there and start my questing.

When I first started playing DDO, it wasn’t very often when a party…

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Stormreach Shadows: A New Stealth Game Guide

The Order of Syncletica

sslogo2I recently proposed a self-imposed team challenge I dubbed as “Stealth Team Six,

The idea involves two or more players, using stealth tactics to complete their adventures for a fascinating change of pace.

But I neglected to offer much more to help people of almost any class consider this idea.

A blog post or even a gameplay suggestion could only go so far.

I’ve spoken much about stealth tactics before in many posts, here, here, here, here and here. I also had a chapter about stealth tactics in a chapter in the Monk guide.

DDO Wiki has skill information, and much discussion can be found on the DDO forums.

But much of of it is rather incoherent, sometimes dated and dry as a car mechanic’s guide in the desert sun.

The flavor, the essence of what you must do and how to proceed is missing amidst all…

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